i th the access ibi l i t y and f l ex ibi l i t y of a sma l l bus i ness coupl ed wi th the resources of
an i ndus t r y l eader, we of fer both the agi l i t y needed i n these ever- changi ng t imes and
a depth of ser v i ces unpara l l e l ed i n the i ndus t r y.
We have made s ign i f i cant i nves tments i n propr i etar y sys tems that , when depl oyed wi th
our s t rength of exper i ence , sca l e , and brand acumen , cons i s tent l y produce s t rong
f i nanc i a l resu l ts for owners and deve l opers .
Comprehensive global services include:
Dedicated full-service and select-service divisions that boost guest satisfaction
and intent to return.
Sales & Marketing:
Proprietary planning, performance and recognition systems allow for
tracking of hotel Revpar index growth and revenue management metrics.
F & B Operations:
From restaurant concepts and menu engineering to profit maximization
Quality Assurance:
From the basic integration of brand compliance to complex oversight of
customer satisfaction.
Recruiting, retaining and recognizing the best talent in the industry.
Centralized support for accounting, payroll, business intelligence and critical systems.
+ procurement programs wielding purchasing power that results in volume
savings and operating efficiencies.
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